8 Years Using Sony Cameras: Positives and Negatives

When Sony first entered the market with the a7 series, it sparked a fire in the camera business. They did this by introducing various new designs and features and an aggressive update cycle, which kept other camera manufacturers, such as Canon and Nikon, on their toes.

The company’s full-frame cameras have been available to consumers for nearly a decade, so many photographers now use the company’s equipment. After all this time, how do their products stack up against other large brands? In this fantastic film, a veteran photographer talks about his opinions after working in the field for eight years.

Manny Ortiz produced this thought-provoking film specifically for your use, presenting his conclusions on Sony camera equipment after he has used it for eight years. During the short years I utilized Sony equipment, I had a lot of fun with several of its features. In particular, the camera’s dynamic range and ocular focusing were outstanding benefits.

On the other hand, the ergonomics were challenging for me because of the size of my hands and the length of my fingers, and I thought the colors to be less user-friendly. Nevertheless, the lenses were the primary factor in my decision to switch back to Canon.

There are several more obscure but fascinating lenses that I cannot do without in my collection. To our great relief, Canon’s cameras have, in many respects, finally caught up to the competition. You may hear Ortiz’s full remarks in the video that is located above.

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