Adding Color: Does It Change History or Make It More Relatable?

In the beginning, the only way photographs could be developed, printed, and shared with the rest of the world was in black and white. Because of advancements in digital technology and access to much information, some artists can go into the past and bring it to life by adding color and making the photos more relevant.

Or does it? Others believe that the events of the past should not be changed but rather that they should be kept intact, conserved, and unaltered. They claim that the photographs shape history and that this should be preserved with as much factual accuracy as possible. However, the ability to react to the visuals on a deeper level is undoubtedly facilitated by viewing the movie and observing how the images are altered.

Images in black and white frequently give the impression that they were taken in the distant past. It seems as though it was taken from another era. When seeing this unearthly scenario preserved in a printed photograph, the observer is effectively detached from the action taking place. Because I find it more appealing, I tend to photograph in black and white. But I’ve never tried to restore the color, and until I saw this movie, I never considered the artistic process involved.

It has my full support. Bring it up to the level of realism that you can. Get the audience to experience what it was like to be there that day. That is the role that images, in my opinion, should play.

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