Behind-the-Scenes Look into Conceptual Photography by a Master

The delightful picture project “Full Moon Service” was shot by Conceptual Photographer Erik Johansson on a peaceful and pleasurable evening during the summer of 2017. Check out this behind-the-scenes look at how it all came together, from a hand-drawn sketch to a fine art print, as it almost immediately went viral as soon as it struck the Internet today.

According to the information that can be found on Johansson’s website, he is well-known for taking his time with every project, producing around six to eight new photographs each year. One possibility for the delay in making a project from the summer of 2016 public is that this is the reason. Despite that, the effort is beginning to bear fruit.

It is difficult not to love both the incredible detail put in through compositing and the simple and playful joy that many of his projects portray at face value, which is why we have featured several of his projects in the past here on Fstoppers. Each one brings a unique concept, which is why we have featured several of his projects in the past.

To shoot “Full Moon Service,” Johansson traveled to the middle of Sweden with two models, a van, a generator, rice lanterns, and lightbulbs. She then used a Hasselblad H6D–50c camera to capture the images. Immediately following the session, he transferred everything into Photoshop, where he handled the post-processing work independently.

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