Are Cliché Pictures at Famous Places Worth Taking?

Visit Instagram or a similar platform. You will discover a ton of images of well-known destinations that are identical, sometimes to the point where it would be tough to produce an image of such a spot that would genuinely stand out from the crowd.

So, is it even worthwhile to invest the time, energy, and money necessary to create such images? This engaging video essay explores the subject and provides some insightful guidance.

This excellent video essay on the importance of shooting famous landmarks is brought to you by rows. I indeed believe you should think twice before trying to capture images of such locations to sell prints or earn money in another way, as it can be extremely difficult or even impossible to produce work that will stand out from the countless other similar images that are already available.

However, if your sole motivation for traveling is to experience a big or dramatic setting or to further your personal development, then you should go. After all, there is a reason why these locations gained their initial popularity. For a thorough overview, watch the video up above.

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