Coming Soon: Canon EOS R8/EOS R9 (Between EOS R7 and EOS R10)

The most recent reports suggest that Canon will introduce a new APS-C EOS R camera shortly. The EOS R8 or the EOS R9 might be the name of this camera. It will be placed in between the EOS R7 and the EOS R10.

There are rumblings that the Canon EOS R8 and Canon EOS R9 will not have a viewfinder integrated into the body of the camera. At this time, there are no more specifications that are accessible. Maintain vigilance.

In the year 2023, several new EOS R cameras will be introduced, including the ones listed below:

  • Canon EOS R1
  • Canon EOS R5 Mark II
  • Canon EOS R5 S
  • Canon EOS R7 C
  • Canon EOS R8 and EOS R9
  • Canon EOS R50

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