Comparing a Camera That Costs $100 to an Arri Alexa

Lewis Potts went to Amazon in search of the least expensive camera he could find and purchased it. He then used it in tandem with an Arri Alexa Mini LF.

Potts is a cinematographer of the highest caliber. Managing one’s resources effectively is the game’s name, and in this video, he is striving to do so while facing the most significant, technically feasible limitation. The actual camera is of inferior quality.

I believe that it serves as an excellent model for future filmmakers and photographers to look up to. If the lighting is handled correctly, there shouldn’t be any problems with the dynamic range, and adding bells and whistles won’t make up for the lack of expertise.

Since its introduction in 2019, Arri’s Alexa Mini LF has been regarded as a prized possession. It possessed the capabilities of its larger sibling, including large format (LF), but it came in considerably more compact packaging. It is also the final Arri camera to ship using the sensor the company developed in 2010 since Arri has moved on to using their new ALEV 4 sensor in their Alexa 35 camera.

It’s hilarious to watch this camera, of all the cameras, competing against a piece of plastic that costs one hundred dollars. Potts is seeking to push the limits of what can be accomplished with a camera costing $100.

The photos taken at the very end left a powerful impression on me. It might be challenging to get a good picture with a low-cost automated camera while shooting inside. Potts is able to clean away the areas that a plastic camera will have difficulties with by bringing light into the scene and then pulling light away from the scene.

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