5 Editing Mistakes New Photographers Frequently Make

The process of learning all of the techniques that go into utilizing a camera to create a captivating and well-composed shot is a task in and of itself, but then there is the post-processing that is necessary to create an image that is polished and complete.

When editing their photographs, novice photographers frequently make the same errors when using their cameras. This helpful video lesson goes through five common mistakes like these and explains how to avoid making them in the future.

This is a great video lesson from Adorama TV by Pye Jirsa. In it, you will learn how to avoid making the five most typical editing blunders beginning photographers make. When it comes to editing, the oversight that I see beginning photographers do most frequently is simply going overboard with the adjustments.

During completing your job, checking in on it frequently is one of the most significant habits you can get into. When editing, it is very typical to experience a case of tunnel vision; but developing a plan to prevent this from happening will help you become a better editor.

You are utilizing the before and after feature in the editing tool of your choice (the backslash key in Lightroom) at regular intervals is one of the most straightforward methods for achieving this goal. Keeping an eye on precisely how far you push an edit with this will be easier for you; thanks. Watch the video that is located above to get the complete overview from Jirsa.

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