How Much Has Image Quality Improved Over the Past Ten Years?

The Sony a7R was one of the most potent and remarkable mirrorless cameras ever created when it was initially released in 2013, mainly when the technology was still in its infancy and establishing its footing. It was also one of the most expensive mirrorless cameras ever manufactured.

The a7R V, now in its fifth generation, is recognized as one of the most sophisticated mirrorless cameras that can be purchased directly. How much has the visual quality improved, though? Take a peek at this awesome video.

Image quality has gone a long way in the past ten years, as seen by this fascinating video that was brought to your attention by Manny Ortiz and which compares the original Sony a7R to the brand new a7R V. I believe that this comparison is incredibly intriguing since it demonstrates very clearly that even cameras that are many generations old can generate photographs of good quality.

Even though camera sensors have advanced quite a bit over the past few years, a significant portion of the features included in the most recent models is unrelated to the quality of the images they produce. Instead, you are paying for features like enhanced autofocus, higher burst rates, and other parts of a similar nature.

Suppose you are a type of photographer like a landscape or portrait photographer who does not require such capabilities and who primarily focuses on image quality. In that case, you can save a lot of money by not spending much on the most recent and best technology if that is your area of expertise. You can get the full scoop from Ortiz in the video that’s been embedded above.

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