How to Get More Bookings for Photos and Videos

On YouTube, photographers may watch a limitless supply of films that cover topics such as Instagram and lens reviews. Few platforms provide photographers with actionable business advice that can shift the needle.

Because of this, I decided to create a video discussing the mechanics of presenting your price for photoshoots. Photographers and videographers, this also applies to you! Please consider this; I hope it helps your company as much as it does mine.

Many of the time, we mistakenly believe that the issue with photographers is just one of cost. Even while it is a significant component of the equation, many other elements must be present for a firm to succeed. In this video, I discuss numerous tried-and-true approaches that, when implemented, will significantly boost the number of reservations you receive.

Don’t Cut the Corners

Imagine being trapped in a room with a child, an animal, or an adult. You won’t enjoy it, and you’ll find yourself feeling resentful at the person who placed you in the corner in the first place. Imagine that you only provide one pricing choice to your customers. It’s either this price or nothing at all!

Do you want it? Think about how much more responsive the possible customer would have been if they hadn’t been pressured into making a choice. Imagine the difference. Imagine how many additional jobs might come your way if the customer thought they had options. It is a psychological issue and is not always about the quantity involved.

Enter Their Houses or Places of Business:

Crazy, right?! It is not, and the following explains why. If I were to invite someone into my house or business, our relationship would become more intimate. I have a higher confidence level in them and am open to dialogue with them. Trust is the most critical factor. I’m not proposing that you go knocking on their doors or anything like that. There are digital means by which you may interject yourself into the conversation.

An example of me presenting a mood board to a prospective customer is seen below. Do you notice me in the lower left corner of the screen? I will walk her through the whole board and do whatever I can to help her. She can hear me talk about the vision and see how excited I am.

As a result of her clicking the link and allowing the movie to play entirely, I was granted permission to enter her residence. Both of us accomplished our goals: I got my message to her, and she was able to relax on her couch.

On my creative board, I’m not going to provide the customer with the opportunity to speculate or fill in the spaces with their ideas. I will guide you through it step by step, and if you follow my instructions, you and them will benefit immediately. You will be easily distinguishable from the other potential candidates. Mark my words.

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