How to Take One-Light Pet Portraits with the Camera

Creating memorable photos of your furry companions is a great way to put your photographic abilities to use, and many of us have pets at home. What is a better way there to put your skills to use? This excellent video lesson will show you how to produce pictures of your pet that capture all of their joy and personality by using only one light, and it will be a step-by-step process.

This excellent video lesson is brought to you by Adam Goldberg of Westcott Lighting, and it will demonstrate how to produce unique photographs of pets using only one light source. We would never (or very seldom) picture a human being with an extremely wide-angle lens, but you might have noticed that this practice is relatively frequent when photographing dogs.

When applied to a pet, a perspective distortion that, when applied to a human, would be regarded unattractive might instead be seen as playful and adorable, bringing out the pet’s distinct personality all the more. They also make it simpler to interact with the animal in question. 

When photographing a human at a distance of six to eight feet away with an 85mm lens poses no problem, but when photographing a pet can be challenging.

It is possible that getting physically closer to an animal will make it much simpler for you to engage with it and maintain its attention on you while you are doing so. You can get the full scoop from Goldberg in the video that’s been embedded above.

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