The Importance of Genre Understanding for Fashion Photographers

When it comes to beginning a career in nearly any sector of the photography business, there is no shortage of instructional resources available on the market. In addition, the field of fashion is one of the most competitive ones when it comes to this type of education, which means that the amount of repetition that is shown in one educational film after another has the potential to become pretty tedious.

In contrast, when a facet of fashion photography throws new light on the part of the business that is frequently disregarded, the viewer might experience a reviving new perspective on a subject that has already been extensively discussed.

Within an industry that has become far too messy and confused over the years, Clinton Lubbe tackles the often rarely discussed topic of “genre” in the first part of his latest pair of videos to provide a unique take on a “Fashion 101” topic. He aims to provide a fresh perspective on a subject typically covered in “Fashion 101.”

To kick off the conversation, Lubbe provides a few one-of-a-kind and thought-provoking anecdotes on lens selection and other fundamentals of fashion. These stories, for the most part, rehash topics that have been covered to death elsewhere. The debate on a genre that Lubbe presents, on the other hand, is an important topic that nearly any fashion photographer may benefit from understanding.

Lubbe, based on his years of experience working in the sector, breaks down the critical fashion genres and discusses how the viewpoint of the photographer shifts while photographing each of these categories.

A photographer can tailor each shoot to meet the expectations of both the client and the audience to maximize the impact and value of the images created during a shoot. This is made possible when the photographer knows precisely what is expected of image content created for a particular genre.

Understanding the subject matter of what you photograph is an essential skill for any photographer, regardless of the photography they practice. In this respect, the fashion sector is among the most confused about all others, yet, Lubbe’s advice readily applies to all photographers interested in building a career around their cameras.

Simply having the ability to take a stunning photograph is not enough. Successful photographers know how to construct pictures that meet the industry standards of the genre they are shooting while also preserving a creative flair that makes each photo set distinctive to the style of the specific photographer.

It would be beneficial for everyone to take the time to identify better our style and how that style corresponds to the field in which we have decided to work.

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