7 Common Mistakes Newcomers Make in Landscape Photography

The landscape photography subgenre is notorious for having a steep learning curve due to the myriad factors that go into producing a high-quality shot. Check out this excellent video lesson if you are new to the field and want to improve your skills. It will walk you through seven of the most typical errors that beginning photographers make, as well as how to correct them and prevent doing them in the first place.

This informative video tutorial is brought to you by Photo Tom. It will demonstrate seven faults that beginning landscape photographers frequently make and the solutions to those issues. The use of a single wide-angle lens in landscape photography is, by far, the most common error I see beginning landscape photographers make.

Wide-angle lenses are, without a shadow of a doubt, used so frequently for a good reason. On the other hand, a longer zoom lens may help you pick out particular fascinating features, simplify complex compositions, and produce more abstract photographs.

In addition, you do not require a cumbersome and pricey f/2.8 zoom lens; instead, a lens with a focal length range of 70–200 millimeters would be sufficient for your needs. You can get all the details by watching the video that’s been embedded above.

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