Models perform better when they are directed rather than posed.

Posing is an art form in and of itself, and many photographers spend hours upon hours refining it. However, according to one photographer, the answer is not in posing but in guiding.

This fast and instructive video from Creative Director and Conceptual Photographer Derek Heisler makes a clear difference that comes down to the photographer’s thinking in attaining the image they desire from the subject.

I think the biggest mistake a lot of photographers make is that they focus on posing the model into something specific instead of directing them. 

Heisler comments that he usually has a resting posture and an active stance and tries to keep the subject moving at all times, which results in more honest and natural photographs.

By going back and forth between the two, the model unintentionally adds subtle differences that keep the appearance new, while the movement keeps the photos from becoming static and stiff.

He also suggests that photographers step in front of the camera themselves so that they may better comprehend the model’s experience and, as a result, lead them in a more connected manner. The three-minute film is highly recommended, and Heisler’s results speak for themselves.

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