In Photoshop, how to Choose and Edit Midtones

Because the shadows and highlights of an image are the extremes of the photograph and, as a result, what the viewer’s attention is pulled to, a significant portion of photo editing focuses on changing those aspects of an image.

Most of a typical image is comprised of mid-tones; hence, a photographer must be able to pick and adjust these tones independently of the image’s shadows and highlights. You will learn how to choose and alter the mid-tones of a painting by watching this helpful video lesson available online.

Anthony Morganti created this excellent video lesson for your use, demonstrating how to use Photoshop to pick and alter the mid-tones of a picture. Without question, we devote a significant amount of our time and energy to the shadows and highlights. In fact, most editing applications are designed to force us to prioritize the shadows and highlights by the way the controls and sliders are organized.

Despite this, if you examine the histogram omostof photographs, you will most likely discover that most of the tonality is focused on the mid-tones; hence, you must pay equal attention to these tones! It is the kind of little detail that may elevate an average photograph to an exceptional one. The whole breakdown, as presented by Morganti, can be found in the video that can be found above.

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