Photoshop’s Luminosity Masks: A Beginner’s Guide

When it comes to post-processing, one of the most helpful tools that you have at your disposal is the luminosity mask, which may assist you in developing changes that are more specific and accurate. Check out this fantastic video lesson if you have never used luminosity masks in your work before. It will walk you through making luminosity masks and how to use them effectively.

Anthony Morganti created this first-rate video tutorial specifically for your use, and it will demonstrate how you may alter your photographs by using luminosity masks. Because they allow you to divide the picture into sections depending on the varying degrees of brightness, luminosity masks are an efficient and effective method for making choices within an image.

This gives you the ability to do things like add a little warmth to the highlights of a photograph of a landscape, for example. If you look at the sample picture that Morganti provided, you’ll see how difficult it would be to create the mask manually. To do so, you would need to maneuver around and between the leaves on the trees, as well as deal with the highly complex reflections that are on the surface of the water.

However, what would typically be an extremely complicated mask can be created with only a few clicks of the mouse, which is one of the reasons why so many photographers rely on the approach. The whole breakdown, as presented by Morganti, can be found in the video that can be found above.

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