Portrait Photographer Shares His Top 5 Advice for Getting Better Portrait Shots

Do you believe you have the ability to capture photographs that make an excellent portrait? The following article provides the top five suggestions a professional portrait photographer with extensive credentials offers for enhancing portrait photographs. What is the total number that you use?

There are a lot of individuals in our world who have the misconception that portrait photography consists of just aiming a camera at a subject and filling the frame with that subject’s face.

There is an individual, there is a depiction of their face, and it is a portrait. What further information may there be? This is, of course, a ridiculous notion, and if you’ve ever attempted to take a portrait of a subject and really bring out the nuances of their personality and character, you’ll know how difficult of a task it can be. If you’ve ever tried to do portrait photography, you’ll know how difficult it can be.

The good news is that there are many talented portrait photographers in the world who are eager to share some of the trade’s best-kept secrets with you.

This leads us to a fantastic video created by Glyn Dewis, in which he provides his five top recommendations to truly bring your photographs to life and elevate your portrait photography to new heights. My favorite thing about Dewis is that he frequently offers constructive criticism of his own work, and this video is not an exception to that rule.

He takes a look at some of his older work and discusses the reasons why it is not as excellent as it could be and the areas in which it needs to be improved. According to Dewis, five things are necessary for you to do to improve your portrait photography. These things include making sure your subject is comfortable before the shoot, making eye contact, knowing where the eyes should go for different subjects, and more.

I was wondering how many of these you go through. Have a look at the video, and then share your feedback with me here.

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