Proof that almost anything can be transformed into a photo studio

Most of us do not have the financial means necessary to own our own studio space, even though this would undoubtedly be the ideal situation for all portrait photographers. You would be astonished at how little room you need to develop original, captivating, and professional photographs. This high-quality video instruction teaches you how to light and photograph portraits in tight spaces.

This fantastic video lesson is brought to you by Gavin Hoey from Adorama TV, and it will demonstrate how to light and take portrait photographs in a narrow corridor. It is easy for those who live in areas where space is at a premium (like New York City, for example) to fall into the trap of believing that we do not have enough room to take photographs. This is an essential lesson because many live in cities like this.

Despite this, I know photographers who take headshots in locations bigger than a huge closet. Do not underestimate what you can achieve even in a limited space. A sizable studio offers several advantages, including engaging in some creative activities that would not be doable in a smaller environment. Check out the video that’s been provided above to get the complete story from Hoey.

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