Are You Saying Yes to Enough Opportunities as a Photographer?

It is common for photographers to be asked to work for pay that is lower than their market value or even for free, and this may frequently put us in a defensive posture, ready to turn down any offer that will not bring us a substantial income.

That can sometimes prevent us from responding positively, even when doing so would be our most valuable thing. This excellent video essay serves as a reminder that occasionally accepting an offer might result in rewards beyond monetary compensation.

This excellent video essay was provided to you by Hans Rosemond. In it, he explores the benefits of saying yes to photographic assignments even when there is a possibility that they may not directly lead to increased revenue. Rosemond does not want this situation to result in her being used in any way. Instead, it is meant to serve as a friendly reminder that taking photographs is supposed to be a hobby that we pursue for its intrinsic value rather than to make money, which is something that might be overlooked at times.

After all, how frequently do you get the opportunity to fully explore without expectations while at a job that pays you? These introspective journeys lead us to find our creative voices and a renewed appreciation for the creative process. Because here is where you will create the one-of-a-kind style that will make you appealing to paying customers, many experts highly recommend pursuing personal projects. This is because this is where you will build the skills that will make you desirable to paying clients. You can get the complete story from Rosemond in the video that’s located up top.

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