Are You Trying Enough New Things in Your Landscape Photography?

One of the beautiful things about landscape photography is how many different methods there are to capture the same subject. As a result, a single place may provide hundreds of images.

However, you can pass up a lot of chances if you don’t set aside the time to experiment with your creative voice. In this fantastic video instruction, an accomplished landscape photographer explains why trying new things is vital for success.

This excellent video instruction on the subject of the value of experimenting in landscape photography is brought to you by Nigel Danson. It’s simple to settle into a pattern that seems familiar in any genre.

And while you might create absolutely competent and even engaging photographs while following your usual pattern, genuine artistic growth occurs when we do things that are different from what we usually do.

Never be afraid to take a little more time with a scene and experiment, whether with novel exposure settings, a different focal length, or a different editing method. See the video up there for a complete breakdown from Danson.

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