The Ultimate Golden Hour App Will Help You Plan Your Next Shoot

The GoldenHour is not the first smartphone app that calculates, based on your location, the optimal times of day for shooting photographs in natural light. One App by Hana Kusova combines the ideal combination of features designed to complement the preparation process that any photographer engages in for taking pictures outside.

When you open the app, you will be shown a 24-hour clock highlighting the golden and blue hours that correspond to your area’s dawn and sunset times. Your homepage also provides a clear indicator of the quality of the golden hour by using a “Sky Index” that determines the quality of a dramatic sky and a “Light Index” that determines the quality of light and temperature for portraiture, landscape, and architecture photography. Both of these indices are very helpful for photographers. Simply clicking on your current location allows you to add it to your list of favorites, and swiping right brings you to the next day’s schedule.

The Ultimate Golden Hour App Will Help You Plan Your Next Shoot

The Map tab provides a visual signal of the direction in which the sun will rise or set at every point in the world. This is vital information to have when deciding where to position yourself to take those epic sunset photos. The built-in compass function is beneficial for figuring out the direction you are facing, a feature that is sometimes neglected in many navigation programs.

The Reminders tab includes all of the reminders you have set up, guaranteeing that you won’t miss the finest sunset of the year when it presents itself at any particular place. The Weather tab overviews the odds of excellent quality light and sky for the next few days on a single page.

It functions flawlessly, much like the best mobile applications. It has the sense of golden hour software built by a photographer just for photographers since the menus are not overly complicated with extraneous info and settings. GoldenHour. One may be downloaded from the App Store, has a price tag of 3.99 dollars, and has been given the Fstoppers stamp of approval.

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