Why a Certain Creative Uses the Sony a7 IV More Frequently Than Any Other Camera

Sony’s a7 series has a long history of being regarded as among the industry’s most well-balanced cameras, thanks to its ability to meet the demands of many photographers and filmmakers without resorting to the pricier, more robust solutions.

In this insightful video review from 2022, a creative person explains why the Sony a7 IV is the camera he returned to after trying others.

In this informative video, Benj Haisch explains why the Sony a7 IV mirrorless camera was the one he relied on the most during 2022. The a7 IV has characteristics that make it suitable for use in both photography and videography, such as:

  • back-illuminated 33-megapixel sensor
  • A storage area for 828 images
  • The Menu System Has Been Updated
  • 4K video at 30 frames per second, utilizing the whole sensor width
  • Using Super 35 format with 4K resolution
  • For a maximum of 15 stops of dynamic range and 10-bit 4:2:2 encoding, S-Cinetone and S-Log3 are supported.
  • Focus breathing adjustment included in
  • Body-mounted picture stabilization offering up to 5.5 stops of correction
  • Photo and video autofocus that follows moving objects in real-time; also works on human and animal eyes
  • The display folds out entirely from the back
  • Electronic viewfinder with 3.69 million dots

Overall, the a7 IV seems like a worthy successor to the previous models in the a7 series.
If you want the entire scoop, watch the video up above.

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